We cast the future

ÇELİKEL provides high pressure die casting and permanent moulding solutions for the world’s leading brands within global automotive industry. With its project-oriented team and state of the art machineries, Çelikel is not only a reliable parts supplier but also a reliable partner for its clientele.


Founded in Istanbul in 1968, Çelikel has achieved stable and innovative growth over the past half century and has established its name as a reliable supplier for the rapidly changing global automotive industry. We convey our knowledge and experience to our customers with whom we work in full cooperation in design and product development prior to production.

As ÇELİKEL Aluminum, we have set our primary corporate missions and targets as follows. Providing product and service beyond customer expectations by applying total quality…

We consider the trained and contributing labor force as the priceless assets and, provide each employee with an opportunity to develop their skills under safe…

Osman Deniz, was born in Denizli in 1943 and, I lost my mother when I was just 1 year old. I was grown under the care and guardianship of my father and grandmother until I was 14…

Production & Technology

Çelikel has been increasing its market share day to day and is proud to be selected as the strategic supplier by the leading companies operating in the automotive industry as well as being awarded for quality, logistics, competitiveness and sustainability categories. 

Mould Plant

Çelikel’s mould manufacturing facility is operating in 10.000-m2 open area and 5.000-m2 closed area which is located in the same industrial zone as Çelikel HPDC plant. Our mould plant presents solutions in both die casting and trimming mould manufacturing for high pressure die casting machines between 1000 and 2500 tons.

The Annual Production Capacity consists of:
60 Die Casting Mould
60 Trimming Mould
60 Control Gauges, Machining Fixtures


Hello Nürnberg… Nice to Meet You Again

Since the relationships and friendships of Euroguss 2018, we have been waiting for Euroguss 2020 with excitement.

Çelikel Meets Arriving Guests at Nurnberg Airport

Apart from its 153 m2 stand at Euroguss 2020 fair, Çelikel also puts in an appearance in other points of Nurnberg.

Gifa New Cast 2019

Çelikel participated in 5th International Trade Fair for Castings with newcast forum on 25-29 June 2019 at Düsseldorf, Germany. Gifa New Cast 2019


Çelikel is proud to be the reliable supplier of the world’s leading brands within global automotive industry.

Cast aluminium solutions for a sustainable world