Hello Nürnberg… Nice to Meet You Again

Hello Nürnberg… Nice to Meet You Again 900 680 Çelikel

Since the relationships and friendships of Euroguss 2018, we have been waiting for Euroguss 2020 with excitement. Apart from separate parts for HPDC Plant and Mould Plant, our 153 m2 stand includes 2 meeting rooms with 10 people capacity, open meeting tables, sitting sets, a kitchen and a big LCD screen with the size of 5.2 x 2.9 meters. During the fair, Çelikel’s 12 people team of technical and marketing personnel will introduce to the leading brands of automotive industry the HPDC parts and moulds that we produce for both EV, powertrain and hybrid vehicles. Together with the parts produced for the latest automobile models, two moulds that weigh 5.4 tons and 10 tons have also been shipped to be showcased at the fair.